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1. Overview
My Favourite Socks's online designer allows you to:
  • Insert Any Writing onto onto a wide range of quality socks
  • Also upload stock images (with writing if wanted) onto quality socks
  • Mix design elements - single image as well as text
  • Create and maintain your gallery of designs
  • Fully, automatically and conveniently place your order online for Quality Personalised Socks and other clothing!



2. Quick Start Tips

Reference   Instruction Location
REF 1 Choose your
Click here to select socks or put the following web address into your browser: http://store.myfavouritesocks.com/create
REF 2 Add designs and/or text
Do this by selecting “Picture and Text”, top right, then clicking “Add Picture” or “Add Text”, located just below (of individual Sock Product Page).
Then follow instructions.
REF 3 Ensure design is within the red design area 

See top of sock picture, on the left hand side of page (of individual Sock Product Page).
If inserting text it may be necessary to resize writing; press “-” on Size control.

REF 4 Check Order Details
Check colour, sizes, and quantity.
At bottom right of page (of individual Sock Product Page).
REF 5 Add to cart At bottom right of page (of individual Sock Product Page).
3. Table of Contents
 1 Overview
 2 Quick Start Tips
 3 Table of Contents
 4 Detailed Guidelines
4.1 General Design Functionality
4.1.1 Choose a Different Product to Decorate
4.1.2 Save Design for Future Use
4.1.3 Make Changes to a Custom Product, already in Cart
4.1.4 Add an additional Variation of an Existing Custom Product
4.1.5 To start designing a different custom product
4.2 Image Designs
4.2.1 Selecting
4.2.2 Adding Multiple Design Elements
4.2.3 Deleting
4.2.4 Rotating
4.2.5 Positioning
4.2.6 Resizing
4.3 Text Designs
4.3.1 Basics
4.3.2 Placing & manipulating text
4.3.3 Editing text
4.3.4 Selecting fonts
4.4 Purchasing
4.4.1 Adding items to the cart
4.4.2 Selecting multiple sizes
4.4.3 Removing items from the cart
4 Detailed Guidelines
4.1 General Design Functionality
4.1.1  Change Product to Decorate  <See REF A>
To choose a different product to decorate
Select the Products tab. 
Select a different product.
Decorate as outlined above.
4.1.2  Change Custom Product in Cart <See REF B>
Click the Cart tab. 
Click the product you want to change.
Make the desired changes.
Update the item.
4.1.3  Duplicate Existing Custom Product  <See REF C>
Click the Cart tab.
Locate the existing product you want to vary.
Click Duplicate to add a copy of that product to the cart.
Click the product duplicate.
Make the required changes.
Click Update Item.
4.1.4  Design another Custom Product <See REF D>
Click the Cart tab.
Click Design Another.
Choose the new blank product you want.
Add designs and text as desired.
Click Add to Cart.
Note: To complete the purchase, click Check Out in the Cart tab. See below. 
4.1.5  Save Design for Future Use <See REF E>
Click the Save Design button near the bottom-right.
4.2  Image Designs 
4.2.1  Selecting <See REF I>
Once you have added embroidery to your product, select it by clicking it. Sizing handles will appear at the extremities of the image. It will also appear within the control panel on the right. This panel gives you further control of the image.
4.2.2  Adding Multiple Design Elements
It is possible to have multiple design elements, including an image with writing. Ensure that the design elements do not overlap; due to the nature of embroidery this is not possible.
Note due to size constraints it is likely only one image will fit in the design area.
4.2.3  Deleting <See REF II>
To remove an image, select it. Click the Delete button in the Designs & Text panel to the right.
4.2.4  Rotating <See REF III>
Select an object and click the rotation arrows of the Rotate control in the Designs & Text panel.
Click left or right arrows to rotate you image clockwise or anti-clockwise.
Alternatively, move the dial with you mouse. 
4.2.5  Positioning
Position objects by click & drag it with the mouse.
Alternatively, use the Position controls in the Designs & Text panel. 
4.2.6  Resizing <See REF IV>
Size objects by dragging the sizing handles with your mouse.
Alternatively, resize images with fine precision using the Size controls in the Designs & Text panel. 
4.3  Text Designs
4.3.1  Basics
Click Add Text and key in your text in the popup box. <SEE REF X>
You can position, size, rotate and colour text.
Text can be controlled from within the Designs & Text panel, as well as by clicking & dragging with the mouse.
To edit text, select it and use the controls available in the Designs & Text panel.
4.3.2  Placing & manipulating text
Each text block you add when designing your product will appear on its own area.
Individual areas must not overlap, due to the nature of embroidery.
There are many controls which allow you to precisely place and manipulate your text; including:
Align: Left, Center and Right - mainly used for multiple lines of text.
Position: Select up/down, left/right. Or drag selected text around the design area by mouse.
Size: Plus for larger, minus for smaller. <See REF XX>
Rotate: Click left or right arrows to rotate your image clockwise or anti-clockwise. Or move the dial with your mouse. <See REF XXX>
Font: Click the dropdown arrow to select a font from the available font listing. <See REF XXXX>
Colour: Select a font colour by clicking the colour palette. <See REF XXXX>
4.3.3  Editing text
Once you have added text to your product, you can edit the text. Select the text object, and within the layer control, click the “Edit Text” link.
4.3.4  Selecting fonts <See REF XXXX>
When you click the font selector, a font popup will appear. This popup allows you to select the font you wish to use for your text.
The font popup arranges fonts by category. Select the category you want to see and the fonts will load in the right hand panel.
Either double-click the desired font or select and click the OK button at the bottom of the popup.
4.4  Purchasing
4.4.1  Adding items to the cart
Once you have designed your item and you wish to purchase it, click the Add to Cart button. This is located at the bottom of the online designer. 
After you add a product to the cart, the shopping cart will appear. You have the option of continuing to checkout or adding another item.
4.4.2  Selecting multiple sizes
You may have created a design and would like to apply it to more than one size of selected product. That's fine.
From the Size dropdown, select 'multiple sizes'. Quantity boxes display all available sizes for that product.
Enter a quantity next to each size and click Add to Cart. 
4.4.3  Removing items from the cart
You may have multiple items in your cart but wish to remove just one.
Click the Cart tab to view your shopping cart with all selected products.
Click the Remove link next to the product you wish to remove. 
Please Enjoy our Site and we hope we can serve you some inspiring clothing!
Best Regards 
The My Favourite Socks Team