Frequently Asked Questions



How are the socks personalised?

Our personalised socks are made with embroidery to give a beautiful textured finish. Here both socks are stitched, where the outer side of each of the leg area's are personalised.

Not only does embroidery look nicer than other finishes, such as printing, typically it will last longer than the lifetime of the socks.
In terms of what content can you personalise, essentially you can include anything you want including images and text, see Personalise Socks Guide

What are good ideas for personalisation?

See: Personalised Socks Gallery



How do I order personalised socks?

Simply follow the below three stage process:

  • 1- Go to the Create Socks Area and choose your socks
  • 2- Personalise them with text and/or imagery
  • 3- Finally, add to cart and checkout your order.

I am having problems with personalising my socks

The most common problem is with ensuring the design or text is within the allocated space. If this is the case there is a red error message and you will not be able to place an order. To fix this simply go to the size tool on the mid right hand size and press the -, minimise button until the red alert goes away.

Please help me with feet sizing

See: Feet Sizing

What delivery options do you offer and how much is it?

See: Delivery Information

It is a gift, can we ensure no payment details are within? 

As standard no payment details are included within the delivery package. Invoices are sent to the buyer electronically.



I have placed an order, how can I see it's progress?

See: Order Progress



I am worried that your website is marked unsecured (by Google)?

Have no fear, this is an anomoly and misrepresentation by Google. You will notice when you go later in the ordering process, during checkout, that our site is marked as SECURE and you can order in full confidence.

Our webteam is working to rectify this misrepresentation. Sorry for any alarm! 


For any other information feel free to get in touch via Contact Us